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Departments Now Hiring!
San Andreas State Police, Los Santos Police Department

Los Santos County Sheriff, Federal Bureau of Investigation and Los Santos Public Works

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C1RP & Pelican Bay Merge

It's official! We have come together with the C1RP community to continue the legacy.

For more info, see the post here.

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San Andreas Fire Department Application-Unspeakable2203

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Discord Name (Name#4444) : Unspeakable2203#6503

Why do you want to be apart of the Los Santos County Fire Department? : I want to be apart of the LSCFD because I love the fire service and it would be a great way to start in a new community.

Level of experience in RP or IRL  : IRL Firefighter both paid and volunteer, fire chief and ems chief in past rp communities, IRL Fire 1 instructor.

How do you best fit this Department  : I have astonishing levels of experience along with getting along well with others and the ability to help others.

Why should we choose you  : You should choose me because I will be a good fit due to irl experience and the amount of dedication I have towards this department.

Anything else to what you would like to add : I will only be unavailable Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays due to shifts.

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