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Departments Now Hiring!
San Andreas State Police, Los Santos Police Department

Los Santos County Sheriff, Federal Bureau of Investigation and Los Santos Public Works

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C1RP & Pelican Bay Merge

It's official! We have come together with the C1RP community to continue the legacy.

For more info, see the post here.

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T. Sapz Staff Application

T. Sapz

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Discord Username : Yalocalmemeplug™#6200
Date joined server :  09.20.22
Timezone : GMT (+1) 
Your Age : 19 
Please tell us the reason you're looking to be apart of the staff team : Hello, I would like to join the Pelican Bay staff team to not only create a better environment in this community. But also to help out you guys in the best ways i can . I think with my previous experiences we will make a great team out of it.

Please list any previous experience you've had that directly supports your application : I've been in the supervisory divisions for a long time and know how lead people together as a team. I am always open minded for feedback and other solutions within certain situations. I take responsebility for my and others action in an propper way, I treat people with respect and care. And all in all i am a honest guy.

Please present your weakest trait : I probably give a little to much warnings than other staff and give some people to many chances, i dont like being to strict.

Please give us insight to your schedule, how often are you planning to be active within the community : Will be active in the server on daytime for me probably but i have another timezone so its difficult to get on yours time. I will be on in the weekends for sure. I am always active in the discord at all times almost so i can be very helpful with support there.

I hope i will be taken to consideration and look forwards to work with you all.

T. Sapz

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